Throughout the year, we offer great events for our community and for our church family.  We would love to have you come and be a part of these great events.  If you need additional information, feel free to call the church office.



10:00 am              Community Line Dancers

 1:00 pm               Steady for Life

 4:30 pm               Integrated Core Yoga


 9:30 am              Bible Study


 6:30 am            Men's Fellowship Breakfast at Galen's on Andrew Jackson Way

 5:15 pm            Fellowship Dinner (please call church office for reservations)

 6:15 pm            Bible Study


 1:00 pm           Steady for Life

 6:00 pm           Dinner Church


 5:30 pm          Celebrate Recovery (2007 Meridian Street)

Upcoming Events:

January 13      3:30 Emmaus Wellness Workshop (Honoring Your Body, Mind and Spirit)

January 19-21 BEHOLD Weekend for YOUTH

January 29      9:00 Enneagram Workshop