Celebrate Recovery

What is Celebrate Recovery?

Celebrate Recovery is a fellowship of believers, men and women, who are recovering from life's hurts, habits and hang-ups.  We do not claim perfection but growth in Jesus Christ, who is our "Higher Power."  We share our experiences, strength and hope in Jesus as a means of healing our hurts, being delivered from our habits and hang-up, maintaining our sobriety and helping others.  Our primary purpose is to provide a safe haven for open and honest sharing and for learning how to find healing from our hurts, habits, and hang-ups.

When does our Celebrate Recovery Meet?

We meet on Sunday evenings at the New Horizons United Methodist Church, our partner in this ministry.  New Horizons is located at 2007 Meridian St.

We begin at 5:30 PM with a fellowship meal.  Our fellowship meal has a suggested donation of $3.

Worship time begins at 6:30 PM.  In our worship time we sing a few songs, hear either a lesson or testimony, go over the Celebrate Recovery 12 Steps or 8 Principles, celebrate successes with a Chip Cermony, and recite the Serenity Prayer.

Share group time begins around 7:30 PM.  Share groups are gender specific.  Most are General Issues share groups.  However, when we have sufficient numbers present, we often form other groups for more specific issues that 3 or more people have in common.

Where else can I engage with Celebrate Recovery?

You can find out more about Celebrate Recovery at https://www.celebraterecovery.com/

Other locations and days in the Huntsville area are:

Monday at Asbury UMC at 5:45 PM (Meal) or 6:30 PM (Worship begins)

Tuesday at Tony UMC at 6:00 PM (Worship begins)

Wednesday at Capshaw Baptist Church at 6:30 PM (Worship begins)

Thursday at The Harbour UMC at 6:00 PM (Worship begins) or at Th Rock Family Worship Center at 6:00 PM (Worhsip begins)

Friday at Restoration Church at 6:00 PM (Worship begins)

Saturday at Sherwood Baptist Church at 5:15 PM (Worship begins)

Sunday at New Horizons UMC at 6:30 PM (Worship begins) or at The Net at 5:00 PM (Worship begins)